4 Things to Include in Your Marketing Plan for 2023

The next year is just days away – have you started updating your Marketing Plan yet?

A marketing plan is a critical part of digital marketing success. Your marketing plan is more than just a website, an organic social media page, and a spray-and-pray approach. Attracting new customers, developing rapport with your customers, and sales to your customers are all steps that need to be thought out and planned, and there’s always room for improvement.

Get ready for success by planning for it.

Customer Research

Also known as market research, ask people for their thoughts in chats, quizzes, or interviews. Ask anyone you think might be a great customer for your product or service. Record your interviews and responses to questions so you can use the information for future content and advertising campaigns. List your customer’s pain points and consider your products closely. One product may resolve three pain points, which means you have content for three advertising campaigns and audience segments. Record all of this information and use it! People love to talk about the experiences and problems they want to be resolved.

Faces and People

You may miss out if your branding doesn’t include content that shows people. Modern audiences care about who they buy from and will often consider the alignment of their values before making purchases. Photos or videos of real people are attractive and help ensure customers feel connected. With such high-quality cameras on mobile phones, creating video content is easy. It can be a valuable part of any digital marketing campaign, whether as ongoing social media or displayed on your website.

Your Goals – business and marketing

Clear goals for digital marketing plans look like this:

  • Number of blogs/posts/content created
  • Related sales
  • Reach/Engagement

Reach and engagement are often called vanity metrics, so be aware that while using this as a goal, it is possible to build an audience in the wrong market. Posting spray and pray content without planning may attract an audience who loves your content but aren’t buyers. This problem can happen if your content also goes viral – you may find your audience is flooded with people who are not your target market. This can also mean a reduced quality rating your platforms will give your content. You can avoid this by remembering who you are creating content for, using their pain points and problems for advertising and content creation, and remaining focused on your business.

Opportunities for Growth and Development for You and Your Business

You, and your business, should always be looking for ways to grow and improve. What you did last year may not work as well this year, and as a business owner, it’s your job to find areas of growth and development to ensure you stay engaged, up to date and invested in your business, no matter if it’s product or service based.

There are so many advances and innovative products in online business it is easy to get distracted by the shiniest but select one aspect of your business that you could improve, and take time to make changes that will last.

Something Off Line

Remember the “real” world? All good marketing is about meeting people and being able to solve problems. People are much more open to trusting you when they meet you in the real world and when you’re just as genuine and interesting offline as online.

Every business can find ways to be involved in their local community, leading to great content, sales, and social standing. Offline activities will also stop the isolation many online business owners experiences, and you may find collaboration opportunities close to home. Community efforts can have a strong place in your marketing plan and reach many people who would escape your advertising.

Your Marketing Plan is a Living Document

Don’t just create a marketing plan; print it and stick it in the pile of papers on your desk. Your marketing plan should be at hand whenever you develop your relationship with your customers. When you get stuck, you don’t know what to say in an advertising campaign, writing a blog post, or script or creating a video, then grab your marketing plan and read it over again for inspiration. Update your marketing plan as you learn new things. For example, if you find your target market has shifted and your sales have increased, update your plan so you have a record of when, how and why you know this. This way, you can see the progress in your business and celebrate your successes.

Looking for a team to work with you in and on your Marketing Plan for 2023? I have just the crew. It’s us! Message us today; we get super busy in the early months of the year!

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