Trusting In Your Abilities 

Embarking on a career in digital marketing can be both exciting and daunting, especially when you’re new to the field. It’s common to experience self-doubt and question your abilities. However, it is imperative to recognize and nurture the confidence in your own skills, knowledge, and potential so you can overcome these challenges and become an asset to your digital marketing team.

Finding Flow and Learning The Ropes in a New Industry!

‘“When I was asked to write a piece for Marketing Jumpstart and contribute my voice, I was terrified. Not only have I not written anything this long since University but I knew that copywriting wasn’t my strength. But like everything else it was a challenge and a challenge I was glad to take!”” If I […]

Podcast | Spill The Tea | Episode 10 | Whimsy Feat. Josh Langley (Season 1 Finale)

Get ready for an extra special season finale episode of Spill The Tea as Ming Johanson is joined by award winning children’s author, Josh Langley! On this ‘Whimsical’ edition of the show, they will dive into the journey of their careers and explore ideas like embracing unique paths to success, what it means to take your job with just a little less stress – plus tons more tips/advice about unlocking Whimsicalness in any career. Don’t miss out!