Podcast | Spill The Tea | Episode 9 | Packaging

Ming and Kira are diving into the world of packaging on this episode! From discovering what makes for a great unboxing experience, to learning about subscription boxes that offer endless surprises. They chat how businesses are capitalizing on potential missed opportunities with packaging and the rise and popularity of unboxing videos.

Podcast | Spill The Tea | Episode 8 | Pricing

How much do your product and your branding cost? In this episode of Spill the Tea, Ming Johanson & Kira Carlin will talk about pricing in business. They will cover a range of topics regarding pricing such as valuing/undervaluing your business, price matching your brand, pricing perceptions, how there is a market for every price and many more.

Podcast | Spill The Tea | Episode 7 | Digital Roadmap

What’s the best way to stay on top of your digital marketing efforts? A roadmap! In this episode, Ming Johanson & Kira Carlin focus their attention onto: Digital Roadmaps. They discuss why it is vital to have one, what makes up a clear and concise roadmap, how to best contribute to it and how your digital roadmap will and should be different to everyone else’s.