The first computer virus [Show Notes]

On Sunday the 13th of August I spoke with Harvey Deegan on 6PR which you can playback below: The first virus, the “Creeper system,” emerged in 1971 and filled hard drives, hindering operation. The trend of viruses has grown exponentially since. Computer viruses have been a significant part of the digital landscape, primarily spread through […]

5 things to do for your business before a recession

You might be feeling nervous about a recession, but there are things you can do now that will help you survive and thrive through it. When I was 17, I was homeless. It was 1999. Australia’s economy grew by 4.3% and was well above earlier expectations. I learnt very early that it didn’t matter if […]

A CEO’s Story With PTSD

Ming Johanson - CEO with PTSD

CW: Childhood Trauma, Domestic Violence, PTSD, Anxiety, Suicidal Ideation, Homelessness. As the year began, I took an ambitious step towards reducing mental health stigma among executives. With my YouTube channel ‘CEO with PTSD‘ as a platform for conversation and awareness-raising on this critical issue, I’m striving to bring understanding between people in positions of power […]