Best Ways to Start a Podcast for Your Business.

Creating a podcast for your business can be a great way to show off what your business is capable of, the great team you have and the clients you help service. It also doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. By following these simple strategies, you too can get started in the wonderful world of podcasting.


All great decisions require a plan of action. Setting up a set time and place to record your podcast as well as how long each episode will go for, a timeline of when they will be recorded and released. Write down your subjects and make sure you give yourself and any guests time to do their research. Having a reference will help you keep track of your new project and prevent you from getting lost. 


Fortunately, technology has advanced so much that using your mobile telephone can help you get your podcast started without breaking the budget. You can always upgrade later as there are a lot of great podcast kits out there. First, keep it simple and use any phone features, such as noise cancellation and apps that help with sound. Some websites can help with mastering the sound like eMastered and Landr but to begin with, keep it simple, make sure the room you record in is reasonably quiet and be wary of tapping your fingers on desks or clunking down coffee cups. Have that in mind for your listener.  

Balance = Entertaining & Informative

Relevant Subjects. Pick subjects that are relevant to your business. Talking about what the Kardashians are wearing but your company sells tools for fixing boats may not work unless the Kardashian’s broke down and you have recommendations on what went wrong and how your business would’ve solved it. 

Do your research. Opinions are great, and we all have them but make sure you check your facts about a subject as it can affect your credibility and authenticity if you get it wrong. 

Stay on topic. There is nothing worse than when a podcast becomes ramblings of lost souls. Structuring your podcast a little doesn’t mean taking away those funny or impromptu moments that can occur in podcasts that make them entertaining but remember your podcast’s first rule, keep it relevant to your business.

Create a community. Having guests that are part of your business such as employees, clients, colleagues, suppliers, local community leaders and people from your industry helps elevate you and your business as an industry leader in your community and industry. By making the podcast bigger than yourself, you give value to the people who are a part of it as well as a piece of ownership. 

To Err is Human; to Edit, Divine. The devil is in the details, but too much detail can kill the entertainment factor. Finding a balance between entertaining and informative can mean remembering to explain the jargon and industry terms that may be commonplace in your business but could be off-putting to new listeners. Find a friendly and inclusive tone as some of your listeners may also be future clients, investors, partners or employees.

Have Fun. It may take a little while before people catch on to what you are doing and you fine-tune your format. Remember to have fun with it and manage your expectations. You may not be the next Joe Rogan, but you may find your tribe who appreciates your expertise and insights into your industry. Good luck. 

If you would like help in creating your own podcast contact us today and we can get you started.

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