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From Inbox to Impact: The Power of Email Marketing
Unlock the power of email marketing to boost engagement and drive growth for your brand!
SEO Isn't Dead, It's Evolving: An Overview to Winning in the Mobile-First World
If you've heard whispers that SEO was long gone, it's time to set the record straight. Search Engine Optimisation is not dead, but it has evolved, and in 2024, it's more important than...
Your Inbox: A Hidden Gold Mine 
It's the end of the financial year, and you know what that means: your inbox is likely bursting with emails.
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New Financial Year, New Marketing Budget: Your Step-by-Step Guide to the New Year
A fresh financial year is like a blank canvas for marketers – a chance to paint a new picture of success. But without a solid budget and a clear plan, your marketing efforts can quickly...
Essential Resources for Starting Your Business Journey
Starting a business can be an exhilarating yet daunting experience. With so many moving parts to manage, having the right resources at your fingertips is crucial. At Marketing Jumpstart,...
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Ethically Integrating AI Into Your Business
Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force across various industries, offering small business owners a unique blend of opportunities and challenges. While concerns...
Unmasking Your Hidden Audience: How to Find Who Else Is Buying (and Who You Maybe Didn't Expect)
You think you know your customers. You've crafted your ideal buyer persona, carefully sculpted your messaging, and maybe even picked out their favorite latte order in your head. But...
Financial Objectives for Ads
There is a roller coaster of a journey when crafting financial and strategic objectives and setting realistic growth targets that will catapult your advertising campaigns and, ultimately,...
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Affordable Starting Points for Building Your First Website
Establishing a robust online presence is not just important; it’s crucial for any business or personal brand. Whether you’re starting a small business, a blog, or an online...
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What I Learned After Doing 9 Certified Google Ads Courses
Staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Over the last week, I dove deep into Google’s advertising certifications or really just hyperfixated...
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Aligning Your Business Messaging
Understanding and addressing your audience’s pain points, desires, and aspirations is the cornerstone of effective communication. This approach holds the potential to transform...
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Setting Clear Business Goals for Advertising Success
Your advertising success journey may seem daunting! The key to a triumphant advertising campaign lies in clearly defining your business goals. It’s important to grow your knowledge...
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