A high impact brand stays number one in the customers mind.

If I prompted you to envision a hotel designed by Nike, you’d likely have an intuitive sense of its style and ambience.

Now, consider what a sneaker produced by Hyatt would resemble. Seems a bit more challenging, doesn’t it? One has a brand, the other has a logo.

This notion of brand identity draws from Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s theory of 12 Personality Archetypes. These archetypes can be instrumental in shaping a business’s branding strategy, offering direction for marketing endeavors.

Brand personalities are a powerful tool in the transformation of brands that stand out from the crowd & have meaning to your customers.

To start this process, we have a quiz for USD$39 to help you identify which kind of personality your brand has; a Brand Archetype or Primary Personality.

This will help give people who look at your company something they can relate it to so they know if it is aligned to their wants and needs as a customer.