BREAKING: Marketing Jumpstart Ditches Digital for Dirt

Trading Keywords for Compost, Clicks for Clipping

April 1, 2024 – Today, Marketing Jumpstart is proud to disrupt the industry once more by announcing a radical pivot, Welcome to Marigold Jumpscape. We’re putting our years of strategic thinking, obsession with growth, and love for a perfectly manicured social media feed to use in an entirely new arena: Landscaping.

Why the Sudden Shift?

The world of marketing has got its growth but where is the real growth opportunity? Buzzwords sprout like weeds, trends change faster than the seasons, and everyone’s shouting to be heard in a crowded digital “landscape”.

Sounds familiar? A perfectly curated outdoor space – an oasis of calm in a chaotic world. We’re confident we can get your lawn just as hooked on regular trims as your audience is on those retargeting ads.

Bob from Bob's Burgers tickeling a sapling.

Our New Suite of Services:

Get ready to transform your yard and upgrade your growth with Jumpscape:

  • SEO (Soil Enrichment Optimization): Nutrient-rich foundations are the key to lush growth online or in your garden. We’ll analyze your soil and create a customized plan for thriving results.
  • “Content” Pruning: Don’t let overgrown lawns choke your curb appeal. We’ll identify what’s not working and prune strategically for maximum sunlight and ROI.
  • Targeted Watering (a.k.a. Lead Nurturing): Deliver the right resources at the right time, nurturing lush growth of in your flower beds.
  • Competitor Weed Whacking: We’ll identify invasive trends and practices holding your landscaping back, eliminating them to leave space for your brand to truly shine.

The Power of Green

Think of us as your secret weapon for an outdoor space that wows clients and a well-cultivated, high-converting digital presence. Our focus on sustainable growth, client delight, and meticulous attention to detail translates beautifully from pixels to petals.

Okay, Okay…April Fools!

While we’re not really abandoning our keyboards for rakes (though we’d rock a pair of gardening overalls), this little prank does hint at a deeper truth. Success in any “field” requires:

  • Solid foundations: Good strategy is essential
  • Targeted nurturing: You can’t force growth, just create optimal conditions
  • Regular maintenance: Neglect is a recipe for disaster, online or off

Ready to get serious about your marketing growth? Cultivate that contact form today!

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About Avram Parker
Avram Parker: in my spare time I am raising a family outside of Byron Bay and writing for Film and Television. I am focusing my efforts more on online ethics and the combating of the radicalisation and domination of our youth. I find the effects of social media and the online landscape hits so close to home now I am watching my son grow in this new world. Being involved in the industry has led me into this and I want to commit everything I can to overcoming the flipside of the social media coin.