Behind the Scenes: How We Build a Successful Ad Campaign from Scratch

Look sometimes it feels like ads just happen. They have been woven so deeply into our lovely media landscape that you might miss that they don’t just grow on trees like in the good ol days!

“Hey, Ma! Grab me a couple of those print ads while you’re down the ding dang ad orchard!” 

Nowadays, we live with these micro sales coming at us at least once every 10 minutes on average in our daily scrolling if not more! This mammoth effort of creation and consumption runs the machine (which is a conversation for another time or start it right over here: What the Algorithm Means to You and How to Use It) so what is the MJ difference and what have we built up over the years of working on bringing better results to our clients?

Well, let’s get stuck in!

Learning – Phase 1:

We base all of our initial builds on three principles: Learn, Qualify and Adjust. Keeping this in mind, we have the pillars of our first phase as “learning”. We have mountains of in-account evidence that this is hugely important to move forward with a new or existing account. 

Let’s be honest, without meaningful data, we will need to go through a period of discovery. If you have an existing ad account of any kind, and you’re looking for new options in management or strategy, a little bit of R&D might feel like it goes against the value of previous investments made. This sunk cost fallacy is what keeps many clients in reaction mode, believing only in blind faith, and not in the driver’s seat. 

Our learning phase is based on hitting a broad target and then refining data based on the information we can generate.

We make these data sets by building up the account, tracked actions and anecdotal evidence (that’s right, we like talking to you) so that we can build out a more accurate snapshot of your customer base and their habits. How they interact with your website is hugely important in defining a customer journey:

  • Did they scroll through the intro paragraph? 
  • Did they click on the first or the last link presented? 
  • Are they searching for specific phrases that don’t appear in your copy?

Building out these patterns lets us do our job to make changes or recommendations when it matters. We can even build out a more effective website based on all this data because we are kinda cool like that. A holistic marketing approach is becoming more important year after year as population density online spreads further across multiple platforms and the landscape of data changes from day to day.

The learning phase can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks. However, waiting for something to change or pick up can often leave you feeling behind the eight ball and lacking in valuable insights into the behaviour of your clients. We understand this, but our results speak for themselves, so we always recommend patience. 

Iterative – Phase 2:

Phase two is really where the fun begins. This part of the process is held up by Collect, Test and Achieve! We take the data we have from phase one and begin to build on it. Typically this will be where we take the wins and find strategies to create more opportunities for your marketing machine to build speed. This can look different for almost every business, but the fundamentals remain the same. 

We want to find the shortest path to increase leads, sales, or exposure, whatever your business will benefit from most. We achieve this by manipulation of multiple pieces of the whole. Often it can be as simple as increasing ad budgets or updating a customer’s experience on the website based on the data we have collected and our expertise. 

At the core of everything we do the mission remains the same – your success is our success. We take the pursuit of this very seriously. So we aren’t shy about giving feedback and advice about how we can all achieve the best results during this period of building and enhancing. 

Phase two often will reach its logical conclusion when we reach a happy place with the results and can move on to other efforts or campaigns, and then we settle into phase three.

Hand holding magnifying glass over small yellow flower.

Macro – Phase 3:

Phase three is a more comfortable space for everyone, and where the campaign that has achieved this venerated title can expect only the finest of campaign comforts. Our pillars here are Maintenance, Observation, and Minutia.

Let’s consider the features of a campaign that reaches this stage briefly. Our campaign has mapped a customer’s behaviours, proven its conversion potential and been built up to perform at a higher efficiency. What we need to consider now is the bird’s eye view and the small adjustments that will give us a better result and keep the machine moving while we work on the next channel. 

Campaigns at this stage can see small changes to the way their budgets are spent by shifting bids up or down by 10%, changing the wording slightly based on search trends or adjusting the colours of buttons used on a landing page. We are talking about the little tweaks that will grease the wheels of progress and make sure we have a solid base to build on top of. 

We get to really think about the best steps moving forward into phase three as we already have traction. We will often look at longer-term strategies at this point based on our team’s expertise that can build out your business to be all that it can be! Maybe we want to start working on the following: 

  • Let’s get stuck into another campaign
  • Start developing new products or services
  • A more robust SEO strategy to build up organic traffic 

All of these options and more are well within our team’s expert skill sets. We pride ourselves on being able to provide broad and strong marketing options for our clients to remove barriers to success for their businesses.

Now I know this probably feels like a lot if you have made it this far, but we believe in transparency. Now you have more of an idea about how we use our experience, skills and deeply geeky understanding of the mechanics of Google ads, SEO to advertise your business. We do the back-end work while you get on with what you do best. 

Click here to book a complimentary chat, as I would be more than happy to have a free 30-minute consultation to drill down on your marketing strategy and needs. We love getting to know our client’s needs to see how we can help you best, and many of our clients often leave with a few easy improvements that they can implement themselves before they even sign up! Not a bad deal really. 

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