Let's get you back online


You can rest assured that your online presence is in good hands.

We'll take care of everything from hijacked websites to suspended accounts, and we'll do it all with a sense of urgency and expertise.

Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about online crises. That’s where the Marketing Jumpstart Business Crisis Care comes in. We’re here to handle all the stressful and difficult situations that can happen online, so you can focus on running your business.

Types of crisis you might be experiencing:

Hijacked Website
Hackers can take over your website and lock you out by changing your passwords.
Urgent Design Turnarounds
Have last minute conference needs or a no-show designer? We can help.
Web Designer MIA
Are you still paying for a website that you can't update or edit?
Social Media Account Hijack
Nobody likes dealing with Facebook jail, let us help you get unstuck.
Repairing Black Hat Work
Not all marketers are ethical and unfortunately your business will be left holding the bag.
Reputation Management
We have the strategies & the cool heads needed to manage your business reputation.
Suspended Google My Business Location
This can happen for many reasons, delegate the escalation to someone who's done it before.
Google Ad Repair
Badly managed Google Ads can waste money & time. Get yours back on track.


Fill out your contact details and this will go to our internal team channels marked urgent.

We know that these events can be distressing and while we can work on the technologies to get you back online, we encourage you to reach out to these services for additional support for your mental health.

Lifeline Australia
Beyond Blue
Angela Bennett
Book a complimentary session, with counsellor Angela.
Rob Seare
Book a complimentary session with Rob Seare from Moving Conversations.