The Princess and the Chat GPT

Computer generated cartoon style image of the princess and the pea

ChatGPT has burst onto the internet recently, with every social media manager I know talking about it, what it means for them, and the future of social media jobs. After all, if a bot can write just as well as I can, what is left for me to do? 

Inner Mind Psychology: SEO Strategy

THE CLIENT Dr Raileen Merlino from Inner Mind Psychology came to us for Search Engine Optimisation for her newly launched website.  In addition to wanting her website to rank on Google. she was looking for more work in for her other services such as counselling and family dispute resolution.  WHAT WE DID SEO Strategy Notable […]

GP After Hours SEO Campaign

THE CLIENT The client came to us mid-pandemic when they realised they were no longer ranking for their own business name. Competitors and adjacent businesses were using questionable advertising practices to push their own ranking up including adopting branding elements from GP After Hours and hijacking the company name. With no legal avenues to explore, […]