Change Sucks But It’s Not All Bad

“If you want to make enemies, try to change something.” – Woodrow Wilson

I recently woke up one morning and went to log into the website I was working on, only to discover that the latest update had completely changed the layout and editing interface. While I understand that these updates are often intended to improve user experience and accessibility, it became a nightmare for me to use, especially considering the work I had already put into it. Similarly, my work app also underwent slight changes in its style and appearance, throwing me away.

So why do things constantly change in the digital media world, and why do we often oppose it? The answer lies in the rapid evolution of technology and the constant drive for innovation. 

Developers are always striving to improve their products, stay ahead of the competition, and adapt to the changing needs of users. However, what may seem like progress to them can often feel like a disruption to us.

Adapting to these changes doesn’t have to be a daunting task though. Here are a few things that help me to navigate changes efficiently;

  1. Stay informed: Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming changes. Many companies provide previews or beta versions, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the changes before they go live.
  2. Explore and experiment: Take some time to explore the new features and functionalities. Experiment with different options to understand how they work and how they can benefit you.
  3. Seek help: Don’t hesitate to reach out to customer support or look for online tutorials if you’re having trouble adjusting to the changes. Chances are, you’re not the only one struggling, and there’s plenty of help available.
  4. Give it time: Remember that change can be difficult, but it often brings about positive outcomes in the long run. Give yourself time to adapt, and soon enough, you’ll be navigating the new interface like a pro.

While change in the digital media world may be inevitable, our ability to adapt is what sets us apart. By staying informed, exploring new features, seeking help when needed, and giving ourselves time to adjust, we can navigate these changes with ease and continue to make the most out of the digital world. So, next time you encounter a change, instead of feeling frustrated, embrace it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Who knows, you might even end up liking the new layout better than the old one!

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About Michael
Transitioning from industries like hospitality, hotels, retail, and media into the realm of digital marketing was initially daunting. Yet, I quickly discovered that my diverse background held immense value in this dynamic field. Working in digital marketing has not only provided me with opportunities for growth and innovation but has also become a canvas for expressing my creativity. Beyond work, I’m known for my outgoing personality and passions for the Korean culture, music, movies, and games. And, just a heads up, I’m not one to enjoy pineapples on pizza—sorry, pineapple lovers!