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When Cryo had contacted us, they had informed us that their website had not converted for over 6 months. Upon examination, we found their website incomplete and out of date. Essential pages were missing, and technical bugs prevented any sales from being made.

After bringing them onboard, we spent several months devising a strategy to establish a new sales funnel through their site. Despite achieving some success in generating sales, persistent website complications limited our access.

After deliberation, we decided to maintain the current site for existing members and commence building an express site for new customers. Additionally, we initiated Google Ads Campaigns for a special ‘Beat the Heat Bundle’ promotion across both the new and old sites.

Special Offers Page



Over several months, we strategised and executed a plan to revamp Cryo’s website, ensuring functionality and addressing technical issues to facilitate sales transactions.

Our focus was on providing customers with expedited access to information and products right from the start. This involved not only presenting product details but also integrating a seamless purchasing option directly on the page.

Recognising the prior website’s lack of responsiveness on tablets and mobile devices due to technical issues, we took measures to ensure that all pages on both the old and new sites were optimised for smooth functionality across these platforms.

While the previous website provided a pleasant backdrop, our emphasis for the new site was on vibrant colour schemes and updated imagery that aligns seamlessly with the brand’s identity.

In response to the absence of payment options for new customers beyond existing bookings, we implemented a straightforward program to facilitate product addition and sales processing, enhancing the overall user experience.

Recognising the limitations of the existing site, we decided to maintain it for existing members while simultaneously building an express site tailored to attract and convert new customers more efficiently.

To augment website traffic and sales, we launched targeted Google Ads campaigns promoting the special ‘Beat the Heat Bundle’ across both the old and new websites, maximising outreach and potential sales opportunities.

Notable flexes.
Old Site - Home Page
New Site - Home Page
Old Site - About
New Site - About
Old Site - Pricing
New Site - Services
Old Site - Cryotherapy Page
New Site - Cryotherapy / CryoLED Product Page


The efforts invested in revamping Cryo’s online presence have yielded significant results, evidenced by a notable 62% increase in sales.

Despite the initial challenges and setbacks caused by the substandard performance of the previous website, the reconstruction and targeted marketing campaigns have successfully propelled Cryo towards a positive trajectory of sales growth.

This project serves as a clear example of the risks associated with paying for substandard work, potentially resulting in significant financial losses for businesses.

New Site - Mobile Reponsive

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