Engagement Farming: The Not-So-Secret Scroll Locker You Need to Escape

Ever wonder why that cat video seems to follow you around the internet like a furry stalker? Or why political arguments magically appear in your feed, even if you try to avoid them? It’s not magic, folks, it’s engagement farming.

Social media platforms are businesses. They offer free content to attract users, but their ultimate goal is to keep them engaged for as long as possible to maximize ad revenue.

Method 1: Pay to Play – When businesses advertise, they contribute to the platform’s sustainability, allowing them to continue offering free services.

Method 2: Engagement Farming – This is where things get tricky. If you’re not a paying customer, your content needs to be engagement ambrosia to keep you glued to the screen. That’s where the “like,” “love,” “haha,” “angry,” “sad,” and “wow” reactions come in. Remember the good ol’ days of just a simple “like”? Facebook’s genius move was turning that into a goldmine of information about what makes you tick.

Gif of Dennis Reynolds from Always Sunny in Philadelphia saying “I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds”

Here’s the kicker: engagement isn’t just about quality, it’s about intention. Sure, a heartwarming puppy video will do the trick, but have you noticed the rise of rage-inducing content? Ice cream sundaes in toilets? Nachos defying gravity? A blunt and divisive podcast clip? It’s all designed to elicit a strong reaction, any reaction, because that keeps you scrolling. Like a digital hamster on a wheel, you’re providing valuable data (and ad views) while going nowhere fast.

This is especially important for our young ones. The constant barrage of negativity and outrage can be toxic, shaping their perception of the world and even their mental health.

Animation of fingers running on a phone screen like a treadmill.

So, how do we escape the engagement farm? Here are some tips:

  1. Be mindful of what you react to. Don’t feed the negativity monster!
  2. Diversify your feed. Seek out positive, informative, and inspiring content.
  3. Take breaks. Step away from the screen and reconnect with the real world.
  4. Talk to your kids. Educate them about engagement farming and help them navigate the online world safely.
  5. Remember, social media should be a fun escape, not a mind-numbing trap. Break free from the engagement farm and take control of your online experience!

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About Avram Parker
Avram Parker: in my spare time I am raising a family outside of Byron Bay and writing for Film and Television. I am focusing my efforts more on online ethics and the combating of the radicalisation and domination of our youth. I find the effects of social media and the online landscape hits so close to home now I am watching my son grow in this new world. Being involved in the industry has led me into this and I want to commit everything I can to overcoming the flipside of the social media coin.