Frost & Associates Lawyers: Google Ads Campaign


Frost & Associate signed up with us in early 2021 looking to increase their potential reach and to direct people to services that otherwise weren’t being targeted previously. Throughout our unique four phase growth strategy we increased their reach and business with no sign of slowing down.

We are so proud of this campaign and how well this campaign has scaled and through an integrated SEO and Google ad strategy we have opened up online marketing for these great clients.



From our advertising we saw a reported increase of as many as 90 unique contacts a week!

Google Ads Breakdown

How it Started vs How its Going

We took the numbers from our Phase One testing and compared them with the results we are seeing come from the ads now after completing .

Clicks Per Week

Increased Clicks by 166%

Impressions Per Week

Increased Impr by 301%

$ 1.71
Cost Per Click

Reduced CPC by 67%

0.49 %
Click Thru Rate

Increased CTR by 477%


Clicks – These are forms of interaction with the ads. Calls, Site Visits, Location Actions. Basically the sign that humans are looking at your stuff.

Impressions – Impressions are the metric we measure eyeballs hitting your ad. These views help brand exposure and showing the validity of ad targeting.

Cost Per Click (CPC) – CPC’s are a great tool for us and something we have excelled at getting down within our new phase system. Literally CPC is the potential of an ad to conversions per dollar in your budget thereby making it go further.

Click Thru Rate (CTR) – CTR’s are the percentage of clicks per impression essentially. We use this as our benchmark for the success of everything before. Simplifying these numbers is sometimes tricky but being able to track the progression and watch that number rise is invaluable.

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