It’s Been A Year, Retrospective About My Dream Job.

Our newest member Kira shared her blog post on what it was like in her first week of being part of the Marketing Jumpstart Team and her significant insights, which you can check out here. This inspired me to share my experience of what it was like in joining this team and the things I have learned in my role in the last year in what feels like a dream job. 

Unlike Kira, I came into this job without a clue and on the tail end of a very rough year of unemployment and a relationship break up. Therefore, my work experience on my resume would not necessarily be attractive or relevant for a digital marketing agency. At first glance, yes, I had a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Cultural studies and some Tafe qualifications in Art and Design, but nothing really concrete in a professional sense. Besides doing paid music gigs, my last ten years was working in coffee shops while living in Norway. 

That is until you look at the other side of my work history that wasn’t on my resume.

For ten years, I have been a promoter, social media content creator, audio producer, public speaker and even published poems and short stories in my side projects as a musician and aspiring writer. These hidden talents have made the jump into digital marketing a very logical and rewarding step into a new career path. Before this, my main paying job was as a barista. Any extra money I made from music or writing went back into investing in these side projects rather than becoming my primary income, so I never really counted the work, the hustle and the entrepreneurship experience I had gained through this. 

About three months before working for Marketing Jumpstart, I did the NEIS program. The Neis program is excellent if you have a small business idea, but you are on Jobseeker and want to get off it by creating your own sustainable business. I highly recommend the program, and even though my idea didn’t take off mainly because of the pandemic, I learned to respect the hustle and the hassle small businesses had to go through.

I took on freelance work from Ming to begin with and learned to be flexible and creative and rely on my past eclectic experience and training. My first job was editing the audio from a podcast. Little by little, Ming entrusted me with more and more work to the point that I am now full time and permanently employed, all while riding out the pandemic. I even managed to continue my music career. The knowledge and upskilling I have gained in Marketing Jumpstart and the knowledge and upskilling in my music career have been mutually beneficial to both roles.

I now have a solid knowledge base of web design, digital marketing and advertising, social content creation, copywriting, blog writing, video and audio editing, just to begin with. This is all within a year, and this year, the sky’s the limit.

Did I mention I suffer from cPTSD and social anxiety and that the place I work for our boss is an advocate for mental health and is an ambassador for RUOK? Have there been challenges? Yes. Have I struggled and made mistakes? Yes. Have I rebounded and grown and learned resilience? Hell yes! This job is my dream job, and through this year, the team at Marketing Jumpstart have been a great support as I have worked through my mental health challenges, all while growing leaps and bounds in my role in the team. 

These are the three personal insights I have learned the most or that have consistently come up for me in my role this last year:

  1. Consistency In Engagement is Key – Consistency is good, but just turning up every day to work, to meetings isn’t enough. It’s about engaging in conversations with the clients and the team, active listening. Asking the questions both obvious and not so obvious even if you feel dumb about it.  This helps with clarity to excel beyond the standard of work expected. My first month was learning a whole new language, and I am still learning and will ALWAYS be learning. Which leads nicely into the next point.
  2. Embrace Change & Learning – This job is quick, and the first thing I learned is to make myself available to the team and upskill so that I was helpful to the team. I usually volunteer for what I don’t know too much about, such as the blog on SEOs I recently did. It gave me a chance to do a deep dive on the topic and get me up to speed, making me more effective when SEOing my website builds, content creation, and blog writing. I find doing the work and having that tactile hands-on experience, especially when I learned web design and website building was vital for me to get the hang of it and soon excel at it.
  3. Learn To Breathe – There is a tendency to work, work, work in this job, primarily as we work remotely and are self-starters. I have been learning to take breaks, go outside and breathe fresh air. I now avoid working through the midnight hours and have created a reasonably healthy routine that includes gym time. I encourage those who work from home to do this, as having a healthy balance has helped my overall headspace and general health and wellbeing. 

I encourage you in finding your dream job, onward and upward on your journey or, as the great Stan Lee would say, ‘excelsior’, which basically means the same thing. So, for all your digital marketing needs, get in touch with us today.

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About Derek Lee Goodreid
Derek is a wordsmith, music artist, audio producer, coder, gamer & problem solver. Derek handles copywriting, content creation, web design, seo & digital production within the team. Derek enjoys playing guitar, singing, writing songs, coding projects, epic quests, working on writing steam punk & fantasy stories & cards against humanity with friends. You can connect with him on Linkedin or listen to him on Spotify.