Launching “Unicorn Builders”: Empowering Entrepreneurs in Uncertain Times

With the increasing economic uncertainty and rising cost of living, the need for accessible entrepreneurial opportunities is more pressing than ever. Many are facing job redundancies and finding themselves compelled to consider alternative sources of income. This reality has touched our team deeply, mirroring challenges faced by countless others across the globe. From this shared experience and understanding, we’ve spent the past few months working towards launching “Unicorn Builders,” a program designed to transform entrepreneurial aspirations into tangible successes.

Making Startup Costs Accessible

One of the primary barriers to starting a business is often the initial cost. “Unicorn Builders” aims to lower this hurdle, making the journey to entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone. We understand that the financial challenge of launching a business can be daunting, which is why our program focuses on minimizing these upfront expenses. By providing resources, guidance, and support at a reduced cost, we open the door for more aspiring entrepreneurs to step through.

Responding to Economic Uncertainty

The current global economic climate is fraught with instability. Job security is no longer a guarantee, prompting many to seek additional income streams. “Unicorn Builders” is our response to this growing need. We believe that by empowering individuals to create their own businesses, we provide a financial lifeline and foster a sense of security and independence during these turbulent times.

My Personal Journey

My personal journey of starting a business with virtually no money in the bank 14 years ago has been a significant inspiration for “Unicorn Builders.” Back then, the burgeoning internet economy presented a unique opportunity for me to build a business from scratch. This experience has profoundly influenced the creation of this program. I understand the challenges and rewards of starting a business under tight financial constraints, and this understanding has shaped “Unicorn Builders.”

Building More Than Businesses

“Unicorn Builders” isn’t just about starting businesses but building futures. Our program is designed to support individuals every step of the way, from the initial idea to the launch and beyond. We provide mentoring, networking opportunities, and access to a community of like-minded individuals who are also on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Join Us

As we roll out “Unicorn Builders,” we invite you to join us in this exciting venture. Whether you’re looking to turn a side hustle into a full-time career or starting from scratch, our program is tailored to help you succeed in today’s digital economy. Together, we can build businesses and a community of innovative and resilient entrepreneurs ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Visit Unicorn Builders here >>>, and let’s make entrepreneurship achievable for everyone, one unicorn at a time.

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About Ming Johanson
Ming works with businesses across the globe from business development to managing (with her team) complex digital strategies that deliver tangible and desirable financial returns. Recently recognised and awarded for her ongoing contribution to the technology industries in the 2019 Women In Technology Tech [+] 20 Awards, Ming is a passionate mental health Ambassador for R U OK? Day, a mentor at Startup Weekend Perth and a regular Australian Media Commentator as a Tech Evangelist on a range of topics in Mental Health, Social Media & Technology.