Merindah Legal: Website Re-design


Adam approached us dissatisfied with his existing website for his legal company ‘Merindah Legal’, finding it cluttered and failing to showcase his new company or generate clicks.

Our team undertook a complete rebuild of his website, emphasising his brand identity, services, and offering a streamlined contact process for Adam. The revamped site injected vibrant colours and revitalised his brand.



We moved the site to a WordPress server and was completely redesigned and rebuilt from scratch using the limited information via the old website.

The revamped website prominently showcases Merindah Legals’ brand identity through consistent use of logo, colours, and messaging.

User experience was prioritised by ensuring intuitive navigation and easy access to relevant information about the company and its services.

The website was optimised for responsiveness across various devices, ensuring seamless access and navigation for users on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Vibrant colours and modern design elements were incorporated to enhance the visual appeal of the website and captivate visitors’ attention.

Added call-to-action buttons to encourage visitors to contact Adam directly through the website, facilitating lead generation.

High-quality content was created and optimised to effectively communicate Merindah Legals’ services, expertise, and value proposition to potential clients.

Old Site - Home Page
New Site - Home Page
Old Site - About
New Site - About
Old Site - Services
New Site - Practice Areas


The overhaul of Merindah Legal’s website has yielded remarkable results across various metrics.

Firstly, user engagement has seen a notable uptick, with visitors now investing more time in exploring the website’s content, indicating a stronger connection with the brand. Furthermore, the website’s redesign has effectively enhanced the perception of Merindah Legal’s brand, projecting a professional and credible image to all who visit the site. This improved brand representation has undoubtedly contributed to the increased lead generation observed since the website’s relaunch.

Finally, the project has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with Adam expressing high levels of satisfaction with both the design and functionality of the new website, affirming its success in meeting and exceeding expectations.

New Site - Home Page (Mobile Site)

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