New to Email Marketing? Start Building Relationships, Not Just Sending Emails

Email marketing can be an amazing way to connect with your audience, promote your business, and build a loyal following. But if you’re just starting out, it can be tempting to treat your email list like a megaphone – blasting out messages without much thought.

That could be a grave mistake. Email marketing isn’t always about one-way communication; it can be about building relationships instead of just another ad your clients need to click past in their day to day.

Why Do Relationships Matter?

  • Trust: People buy from brands they know and trust. A relationship-focused email strategy builds that trust over time.
  • Engagement: Relationships lead to higher open rates, more clicks, and more conversions. People are more likely to interact with emails that feel personal.
  • Loyalty: Relationships create long-term fans, not just one-time buyers. Loyal customers are your biggest asset.

How to Build Relationships Through Email

  1. Treat Your Subscribers Like People: Don’t think of them as numbers on a spreadsheet. They are real individuals with interests and needs. Write as if you’re having a conversation with a friend.
  2. Offer Value: Every email should provide something valuable to the reader: insights, tips, exclusive offers, or even just entertainment.
  3. Be Consistent: Don’t ghost your subscribers for months and then bombard them with sales pitches. Send regular, valuable content.
  4. Personalize: Use your subscribers’ names (if you have them). Segment your list based on interests or behavior to send more relevant emails.
  5. Make it Easy to Interact: Encourage replies, ask questions, and include social media links. Show them you’re open to a conversation.

A Simple Example

Instead of a generic “New Product Announcement,” try this:

  • Subject: [Subscriber’s Name], have you seen this?
  • Body: “Hi [Name], I’m excited about our new product and thought you might be too. Based on your past interests, I think it’ll help you with [problem the product solves]. What do you think?”

It Takes Time

Building relationships doesn’t happen overnight. But if you put in the effort, you’ll see the rewards in a more engaged, responsive email list. Who knows, you might even gain some genuine fans and friends along the way.

Curious about how you can best capatilise on your emailing list? Get in touch and hear how we could help you make the most of those dusty old lists.

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