ROI in Digital Marketing

When selecting a digital marketing firm (such as Marketing Jumpstart!), there’s always going to be an interest in return on investment from digital marketing. Common business sense says we need to be aware of numbers, ensure we’re getting great returns, and make money in the process.

It’s an important part of being a successful and ongoing business.

However ROI in digital marketing can look very different to traditional marketing practices and outcomes, so what works for one campaign may be different for what works for others. Here’s some ROI notes on three of the campaign styles used in digital marketing.

ROI on Sales Campaigns

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ROI on Sales Campaigns are easy to track. When your Google Ads and Analytics are set up, your digital marketing firm can track the customer journey from initial click-through to sale. Experienced digital marketing firms will also be able to see where the journey slows down or even stops and investigate if there’s a need for better copy, a smoother user experience (UX) or developing the target audience. Marketing Jumpstart specialises in developing great sales campaigns, helping our customers with a great website, packaging and business assistance, and high-level expertise in Google Adsense.

ROI on Branding Campaigns

Branding Campaigns are where you are trying to develop an awareness of your brand in new markets. As the process is raising awareness and moving a customer from completely unknown to developing a relationship with them, the outcomes can’t be seen on a balance sheet. Metrics such as reach, engagement, and brand mentions can be used to ensure value for the expense. You may see branding campaigns when large companies change their brand, develop new markets, or pivot.

ROI on SEO Campaigns

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is focused on the search engine results page (SERP). It’s a way of providing the search engine (often Google) with all the information it needs to find your website, rank it, and then present it to customers when they are searching for a product or service. SEO can be complicated in that the algorithms that rank your site constantly change and update to meet customer needs. As SERPs get shorter and Google develops more “answer first” technology, your website experience and the content will be crucial for ranking purposes.

ROI for SEO campaigns takes months to see outcomes. Metrics for SEO campaigns are usually in Google Analytics and similar tools. You’ll be looking for improved numbers of visitors to your site, length of stay, and reduced bounce rates. Once your SEO is set up, you can see results for potentially years.

We have in-house SEO experts that help clients with website content creation to ensure that we provide Google with everything it needs to find and rank our customer sites accordingly. We love writing copy and content, and our enthusiasm shows.

Digital Campaigns can also incorporate more than just one medium.

A solid digital marketing campaign will often have websites, landing pages, direct electronic mail (eDM), and a social media component, depending on the goal. A targeted campaign will directly focus on the outcome; every component needs to feed the audience from one step to the next. A branding campaign will help expand your potential client base, to then be followed up with sales campaigns to increase business revenue.

If you’re looking to prove your return on investment in digital marketing, you need to be aware that not all outcomes are financial. Business is about developing great relationships and delivering great products, and your digital marketing should showcase the best about your business. While the end goal is financial returns, you must ensure your customers have an amazing experience with you and your company along the way.

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