Southern Cross Funerals: Google Ads Campaign


Southern Cross Funerals had a bad year before they came to Marketing Jumpstart. Plagued by dwindling results from their Google Ads, they had multiple different campaigns running up the bills leading them down a bad road.

When we met with them we knew something was off and within the first week we knew that this wasn’t their fault.

The grandfathered campaigns and practices of previous agencies had damaged their reputation with Google and scrambling to fix it by pouring more money into a poorly trained system was just making it worse.

We got to work and had tracking and SEO fixes in place within a week and quality leads rolling in the following weeks and it has only gotten better and better since then!



How it Started vs How its Going

We have taken the average weekly results compared to their same period from the previous year.


Increased Clicks by 316%

Conversion Rate
1.82 %

Increased Conversions by 14.85%

Cost Per Click
$ 5.18

Reduced CPC by 80%

Click Through Rate
2.16 %

Increased CTR by 6.27%


Clicks – These are forms of interaction with the ads. Calls, Site Visits, Location Actions. Basically the sign that humans are looking at your stuff.

Conversion Rate – The percentage of traffic that reached a conversion point such as purchase or contact.

Cost Per Click (CPC) – CPC’s are a great tool for us and something we have excelled at getting down within our new phase system. Literally CPC is the potential of an ad to conversions per dollar in your budget thereby making it go further.

Click Through Rate (CTR) – CTR’s are the percentage of clicks per impression essentially. We use this as our benchmark for the success of everything before. Simplifying these numbers is sometimes tricky but being able to track the progression and watch that number rise is invaluable.

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