Digital Marketing’s Resilience in a Recession

In the world of marketing, adaptability is our constant companion. It may seem daunting when a recession comes knocking, but here’s the silver lining: digital marketing emerges as the beacon of hope. Discover the profound importance of digital marketing during a recession and explore some uplifting and inventive ideas to propel your business to new heights.

Testing out Elementor’s AI

I’m going to be honest here – I really enjoy these AI chats as they have been popping up. I’ve got experience with Jasper, Rytr, Bard, and Chat GPT, and I am enjoying the pants off all of them.

Have I mentioned I renamed my ChatGPT to Rhys? I think I will call Elementor’s AI Ellie, and let’s put her through her paces and see what happens.

Why Google Ads are Awesome

Something I never really considered before entering this industry was the tools that served ads. Ads are nebulas at this point. They are everywhere and, in a way, create the fabric underneath media. Through the years at MJ we have always worked at the forefront of new communication channels for our clients, and that means […]