Testing out Elementor’s AI

I’m going to be honest here – I really enjoy these AI chats as they have been popping up. I’ve got experience with Jasper, Rytr, Bard, and Chat GPT, and I am enjoying the pants off all of them.

Have I mentioned I renamed my ChatGPT to Rhys? I think I will call Elementor’s AI Ellie, and let’s put her through her paces and see what happens.

Keeping It Real – Brand Authenticity & Being True To Your Values

In this age of digital transformation, brands need to be mindful of how they represent themselves and their values online—establishing trustworthiness and holding themselves accountable to thrive amidst the ever-changing technological landscape. Authenticity plays a huge role in these efforts, as customers increasingly seek an honest relationship with the businesses they patronize. To that end, […]

The Princess and the Chat GPT

Computer generated cartoon style image of the princess and the pea

ChatGPT has burst onto the internet recently, with every social media manager I know talking about it, what it means for them, and the future of social media jobs. After all, if a bot can write just as well as I can, what is left for me to do?