How can I create my own website?

Creating a design before you sit down to create a website will help reduce stress and feelings of overwhelm, keep you focused on your outcome (sales or leads) and streamline the process. Today we look at the next steps after you have your design to create your website.

5-Page Websites Don’t Make Sense

Web companies that sell websites that are 5 page websites don’t make sense to me. It doesn’t speak to the user experience or the customer journey, it speaks to the old idea that your website is a brochure. Your website is the place where a lot of your transactions happen. The exchange of information. The […]

User Persona Creation Tool

In marketing, we like to know who we’re talking to! Especially when we are doing it on some one else’s behalf. Xtensio have a free tool for creating your persona profile. We haven’t used it but it looks like a great resource to get you thinking about who you’re marketing to.