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I came across a social media post where a digital marketer asked if any one cared about the aesthetics of Instagram any more. Her client, the business owner, had added a few shots to their business Instagram, and the digital marketer felt that this ruined the balance of their “strategy” and the aesthetics they had designed for the account.

I found this offensive.

Here at Marketing Jumpstart, we take care to make YOUR BUSINESS shine. We amplify the parts of your business that we know will bring affinity, warmth and clients your way. It’s not our business to tell you what to do or not do, it’s our business to offer suggestions and help your business stand out amongst all the others.

A carefully designed aesthetically pleasing Instagram account is not a strategy. It’s a content and platform decision, but it’s not a strategy. A strategy involves being flexible between the customer’s interests, and the business’ needs. A beautiful Instagram does not make sales, but a warm, interesting feed that showcases the best parts of your business does.

A strategy is about what platform to use, how to use posts that evoke a customer emotion, and when to do that. A strategy has a goal in mind, and a plan. A strategy looks at the broader market and asks how can we stand out as well as provide satisfying experiences for our audience?

An aesthetic may be a part of your branding, but if it’s not authentic your customers can sense it. This will erode their trust in your message. When someone wants to tell their client that they can’t post on their own social feed because it ruins the aesthetic, the digital marketer has forgotten their place as part of a team.

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Ming works with businesses across the globe from business development to managing (with her team) complex digital strategies that deliver tangible and desirable financial returns. Recently recognised and awarded for her ongoing contribution to the technology industries in the 2019 Women In Technology Tech [+] 20 Awards, Ming is a passionate mental health Ambassador for R U OK? Day, a mentor at Startup Weekend Perth and a regular Australian Media Commentator as a Tech Evangelist on a range of topics in Mental Health, Social Media & Technology.