Why E-commerce is the Future of Your Business

If there’s anything the pandemic has made clear, having an online presence is paramount for any business hoping to survive and thrive into the future. E-commerce shows no signs of slowing down either, as more folks are turning to digital shopping than ever before – meaning businesses have access to a more extensive and diverse customer base with diverse interests!

For brands and companies, this digital landscape opens up huge possibilities to get their foot in the e-commerce door or take a new spin on an existing venture.

The pandemic has shaken the consumer landscape, leaving brand loyalty in its dust! Online shopping saw an unprecedented surge during the lockdown, and people seem more willing than ever to take a chance on new offerings. The consumer packaged goods sector is feeling this shift particularly strongly – customers were so eager for fresh food they helped five years worth of growth spring to action within just five months! Our experience working with Perfection Chocolates in 2020 saw this trend surge and continue to grow in 2023.

It’s a brave new world in e-commerce

With AI’s help, companies can now offer shoppers tailored recommendations that genuinely meet their individual needs, and by gathering data and leveraging smart analytics, businesses can turn users into lifelong customers – all thanks to Artificial Intelligence!

As smartphones take over our lives, it’s no wonder that m-commerce—or mobile commerce for those unfamiliar with the term (think Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok)—is taking centre stage in e-retailing. Reports say that 40% of US 2020 e-commerce sales happened through phones or tablet devices. Whether you’re hawking your wares from an app or just plugging them through social media platforms like Instagram, there’s never been a better time to get involved with this lucrative trend.

Do you want to review your e-commerce website? Is it running slow, not converting, or needs a fresh look or a bit of pzazz? Come and talk to us. We don’t bite. 

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